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20 Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea has many benefits that help you to improve your health and lose weight. Keep on reading this article and you will get to know about 25 benefits of green tea.

1. Green Tea Fight Cancer
It eliminates the risk of cancer. It contains the antioxidant that is more effective than vitamin C and vitamin E.

2. Prevent Heart Disease
It prevents heart related diseases and heart attack by decreasing the level of cholesterol. But when heart attack happened it promotes recovery of cells.

3. Anti-Aging
Green tea contains antioxidant which is called polyphenol fighting free radicals. It means that it prevent aging.

4. Green Tea Promotes Weight Loss
It helps to reduce weight. Green tea melts fat and increases your metabolism naturally. It will help you burn about 70 calories during the day. It makes 7 pounds a year.

5. Skin
Antioxidants contained in green tea protect your skin from damaging effects of free radicals, which cause wrinkles and skin aging. It also prevents skin cancer.

6. Bones
It makes your bones stronger. Drinking green tea every day will preserve bone density.

7. Green Tea and Obesity
It fights obesity by stopping the movement of glucose in fat cells. If you follow a good diet and do regular physical workouts then you will not become obese.

8. Liver Disease
Many researches proved that it breaks free radicals in fatty livers.

9. High Blood Pressure
Helps in preventing high blood pressure.

10. Food Poisoning
Catechin contain in it can fight bacteria which causes food poisoning and eliminates the toxins created by those bacteria
11. Green Tea and Blood Sugar
Blood sugar always increase with aging, but polyphenols and polysaccharides in it help to reduce your blood sugar level.

12. Immunity
Flavenoids and polyphenols contained in green tea help to enhance immune system, make you feeling better and fight infections.

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13. Flu
Prevents you from catching a cold or flu. Vitamin C contained in green tea helps you cure the flu and the plain cold.

14. Green Tea and Asthma
Green tea contains theophylline which relaxes the muscles supporting the bronchial tubes, relieving asthma.

15. Ear Infection
Helps fighting ear infections.

16. Herpes
It boosts the efficiency of relevant interferon cure of herpes.

17. Green Tea Makes Your Teeth Stronger
Wash out bacteria that can cause tooth decay.

18. Stress
It fights stress and helps to get rid of anxiety
19. Allergies
Vital components contained in green tea fights allergies. So, if you have allergies, you should start drinking it.

20. Green Tea and HIV
An important component that is a consistent part of green tea can prevent HIV from connecting to healthy cells. It means that it can help to stop the HIV virus cells spreading.

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