2 Fitness Essentials You Need To Know For Optimum Training

Fitness training has gradually become part of our lifestyles, however majority of the people fail to attain their fitness goals because of lack of knowledge on the training principles. These essentials are usually overlooked by most coaches and trainers. It really doesn’t matter what fitness training method you are using, if you ignore these training principles, you will not only get frustrated, but also fall short of your optimum workout benefits. This article will show you the two main training principles that you need to understand to design a better training program that will guarantee you results.

Exercise Training volume

This principle is the most confusing one that has frustrated many people and led many of them to quit training completely. It is usually exciting to begin training regardless of what you choose to do. Training volume basically refers to the amount work you do at any given training session. In other words, if you are in the gym lifting weights, your training volume will be the amount of weight you are lifting per rep, the number of reps. Some people like to call it training load, it basically means the same thing. You can easily calculate the total weight lifted for the session by multiplying these two numbers. But, if you are running, you will need to pay attention to distance you cover.

Exercise Training intensity

This basically refers to the level at which you are doing your training. In other words, if you are lifting weights in the gym, your intensity will be how quick you are lifting and the frequency. Think of it as the number of times you lift per session and how fast you are lifting. Or for runners, this would be how quick you are really running and the number of times you train per session. If not considered carefully, training intensity can lead to overtraining and in some cases possible injuries related to exercising.

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It is really important to consider both of these principles together when designing a training plan or program for yourself or for someone else. It is easy to get tempted to overreach when you first begin working-out, but the possibilities of encountering injuries are elevated. It makes a huge difference when you design your training schedule around volume and intensity. A good balance between these essential principles will ensure better results regardless of your recreational sport. The primary idea is to allow enough recovery time both within a workout session and between sessions.

Think about runners for example, especially those who are running marathon for the first time, it is critical to vary training intensity and volume correctly and built-in sufficient recovery breaks. This is because marathon training is so challenging physically that an imbalance in training schedule may mean running an average time instead of running an excellent time. A good marathon training plan or program should help balance training intensity and volume for you. This applies to other fitness exercises as well.

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