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12 Commandments Of Successful Weight Loss

For most people weight loss is difficult and they think that it is almost impossible. For successful weight loss you just need to control some of your lifestyle habits. The next reason is that most people inclined to worsen other lifestyle aspects when they manage to improve one aspect.

Here you can read the requirements of a successful weight loss. The commandments relate to usual practical aspects of your daily life that you should control if you want to get successful weight loss results.

1. Consume 4 – 5 small meals a day instead of 3 large ones. Try not to overeat. If you eat regularly, your blood will be supplied with enough sugar content and this will decrease your food craving.

2. Do not eat between the meals or late in the night.

3. – Choose enriched with protein food, such as lean fish, lean meat, mushrooms, seafood and diary products. Do not eat fat meat and fat diary products.

4 – Eat foods that contain carbohydrates, they should be consumed slowly. These include peas, beans, cereals and full corn bread. You can also eat potatoes.

5 – Eat fresh fruits and vegetables at every meal. They should be gently cooked or raw.
6 – Eat small amounts of nuts, fish, almonds and sunflower seeds. These foods supply your body with essential nutrients and components that your body requires. But do not overindulge in them, as they contain large amounts of fat.

7 – Do not add more sugar or fat into your dish, take small amounts of natural oil, sunflower oil or rape oil. Also avoid using different souses, because they can contain much sugar or fat.

8. Avoid drinking sweet drinks with added sugar and try to eat less chocolate, candies and various snacks. Drink just plain water or some natural juices and eat sweet fresh fruits in the end of every meal.

9 – Drop the habit of eating processed or fast food. Cook yourself. Then you can control the amount of fat and sugar that you eat.

10 – consume only a small portion of alcohol. Alcohol has energy that makes you putting on weight and too much alcohol can make you fat.

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11 – Do some physical workouts that will help you to grow muscles and increase your energy levels. Physical workouts make you burn more fat and sugar and due to the process of muscles growing you will be able to burn more calories.

12 – Get enough rest and sleep every day. If you do not, you will be putting on weight easily.

Though, it is a must to follow these useful tips, one day of a week you are allowed to break the rules and eat whatever you like.

If you stick to the rules obediently, you can control the speed of your weight loss by modelling the size of portions that you consume at each meal. Do not skip any of your meals and do not set your body on a starvation mode. Starving is very harmful for your body.

The process of burning fat in your body will depend upon getting all the necessary minerals and vitamins that you need every day. You can take natural supplements to rev up your metabolism for better weight loss.

When starting weight loss process and when you start following these weight loss rules, do not forget about important support that you should get from your friends and your family. It would be great if you had a friend with the same weight loss goals.

If you reached the stage when weight loss has become an important issue – then you should know how to lose weight fast.

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