Weight Loss

10 Tips To Encourage Weight Loss

One of the most difficult things about weight loss is when you follow a diet and it seems that weight loss is slowed down. We know how to lose weight; but the hardest is to stay motivated to continue losing weight.

Join a Group
Research showed that people who join a weight loss group or who decided to lose weight with a friend have better chances to succeed. This is due to the fact that you can motivate each other and be encouraged by each other.

Do not Use The Scales
Perhaps you will have to check your weight regularly. Nonetheless, it is a well-known fact that our weight can change every day, it depends upon many factors. It is better to start losing weight yourself only when you agreed to do so, maybe on a weekly basis and do not use the scales often.

Make a Public Declaration
Use any social network that you like to make a declaration that you follow a diet and tell also about your short term goal as well. Then declare what you are going to do in case you fail to achieve this goal. You can invent any punishment, such as running naked or eat cat food.

Incorporate Things that You Like in Your Diet
A diet that forbids you all your favourite food is a very short diet. Try to look for the way of incorporating your favourite foods within your every day calorie allowable amount. For instance, you would like a chocolate bar so today you need to have something low caloric for lunch with just one slice of bread so that you can eat your chocolate and not feel guilty in the end.

Look for an enjoyable Exercise Regime
Look back at your childhood and tell what exercise you enjoyed the best, when you were at school for example. Hockey, football or anything else?

See Yourself With a Better Figure
Every day take some time to visualize yourself in a fitter form, slimmer you. See your self smiling and happy; imagine other people around you enjoying your company. You can post a picture of you with a shaper figure.

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Set Realistic Goals
It is very important to set realistic goals, because if you not you can be quickly disappointed and give up. So, break your main goal into a few small ones and you will see the positive results soon.

Make a List of Rewards
Most people are obese because they often reward themselves with food. Try to give up this habit by rewarding yourself when you attain your goals with non-food related items. You can refer to many rewards, which are not foods, such as massage or manicure for example. You can use anything which does not include food to give up this habit.

Avoid Temptation
Do not make the things more complex than they are in reality. If you like chocolate and you have not any in your fridge, what will you do? You will perhaps go to the nearby shop or have something else. Do not buy foods that you are attempting to avoid.

Get Competitive
You always see that people who aim to shed some extra pounds set a goal that they have to be shaped and slimmer. For example, most people involve themselves in something like marathon or competition. It is an excellent motivation tool.

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