«Circular Training». Try It.

If advertising is the trade engine it is possible to consider that an excess weight is the engine of the fitness. The desire to get rid of excessive kgs basically also results us in fitness clubs where we start to visit an exercise room actively.

As a rule, in an exercise room we first of all master cardiotools. It and is clear: having got to new, unusual conditions we search in the beginning for the most accessible and simple ways of the decision of the problems, and cardiotools in this plan entirely answer all our desires and requirements. They involve us with the simplicity in use, pleasant sensation of rough physical activity and the big degree of our independence in even unfamiliar and consequently a little frightening space of an exercise room.

And here we start to go regularly and diligently, to be exact to run to the treasured purpose, sincerely hoping that in a month-one and a half we will get rid of a stomach and excesses on buttocks and hips, and in exchange will have a harmonous figure with pleasant rotundities and cambers in the put places.

Yes, there is chance that such trainings will help to dump weight. But what? Together with fat we will lose also a muscular fabric, and it means that scales will show our obvious successes in struggle against excess weight, and in a mirror we will not see almost any acknowledgement of these successes. And especially these trainings will not make a body of men brawny and tightened, and buttocks of women – elastic and roundish. Well and for the sake of what we so worked hard?

What to do? The answer is one: to run in an exercise room!
In 60-70th years Jane Fonda popularised aerobics worldwide, but as it has then appeared, performance of set of monotonous movements of type of run and jumps do not give to an organism the loading necessary for transformation of a figure: kgs leave, but about any cardinal changes in appearance cannot be and speeches. Further, in 80-90th years, the shaping turn has come: people in multirepeated style carried out exercises, using weight of the body or easy weightings. Yes, results have considerably improved, but also in shaping there were weak places: force of influence on muscles was limited to weight of a body or so small weighting that muscles quickly got used and ceased to react to loading.

Understand correctly, I at all do not belittle advantages of cardio trainings, aerobics or shaping, I simply wish to tell that there are much more effective methods of trainings.

During an epoch of blossoming of bodybuilding (70-80th years) body builders, preparing for competitions, burnt hypodermic fat by performance of a large quantity of exercises on all body in multirepeated style (15–30 repetitions) with the minimum intervals of rest between exercises. Thereby they combined two kinds of trainings: aerobic, promoting fat burning with the burdenings directed on figure correction.

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In due course, developing and incorporating practical experience and researches of scientists, this method of training was modified in the fullest and as much as possible effective method – «circular training». And if champions on struggle against hypodermic fat without damage to muscular weight are body builders «circular training» it is possible to name safely the champion among other methods of correction of a figure.

We cut circles
This method consists in the following: gets out 10–12 base exercises aimed at study of all body. Base (not isolating movement) exercises are movements in which performance some joints participate at once and the greatest quantity of muscles will be involved. As an example of base exercises knee-bends at which performance will be involved coxofemoral, talocrural, knee joints can serve, and a press lying (we will involve humeral, elbow joints).

Obviously distance running can help a lot with the general fitness and health of your body. So, if you are interested in the runners training diet or building running endurance information – please visit this site.

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